ICCROM Register of Heritage Samples Archives


The ICCROM Register of Heritage Samples Archives intends to raise awareness about the existence of these types of collections as important knowledge assets for scientific research. Conceived within the framework of the ICCROM Heritage Samples Archives Initiative (HSAI), it enables users to find information about these valuable resources, and promotes their research potential.

In the Register, entities responsible for the care of heritage sample archives can register them free of charge, by providing information about their archive’s composition, provenance, organization, significance and values.

The Heritage Samples Archive Register is an open access information point for users to share, consult and study heritage samples archives. It contains descriptive information about each archive, as well as the custodial organizations who maintain them. In addition to increasing the visibility of individual archives, it enables institutions and archives to form a network to promote the understanding, care and use of these scholarly resources.

By participating in the Register, you can help preserve and use these under-recognized heritage archives.

If you have a sample archive, please add it! Details on how to participate in the Register are available on the homepage.

N.B.: If you wish to use any of the images available on this platform, please contact the custodian organizations holding the Samples Archives or Collections. Contact information is available here.